R&D Department


Medria is developing a global approach and integrates its livestock breeding events detection services into DWS, the platform for remote monitoring via Internet that is the most comfortable for the livestock farmer: Calving detection, oestrus detection, detection of health disorders, performance monitoring.

The DWS was designed to immediately deliver the zootechnical and sanitary stockbreeding spreadsheet, the curves for the measurements carried out on animals, and events logs.

Medria research and development projects explore the three phases of monitoring:

  1. The more or less permanent physical measurement phase using innovative sensors positioned on the animals, which measure small signals and transmit the raw data associated with vital parameters.
  2. The digital processing and analysis phase carried out on an ongoing basis by outsourced IT servers in order to produce the data elaborated and summarise the SMS messages intended for farmers.
  3. The relevant communication with users phase in order to position the most effective interventions in the daily diary of the farmer and his employees.

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