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R&D Services


For over 50 years, Able has been at the forefront of metal removal technology. Metallurgists, Design/Project Engineers, R&D professionals from around the world utilize our services to evaluate metal surface changes and improvements for their companies, universities or government agencies. Our process removes surface metal, and in doing so, imparts a host of changes to metal performance. Improved bacterial resistance, heightened corrosion resistance, reduced outgassing, reduced galling, and contamination removal are all properties that need to be properly evaluated and measured. As the world’s largest electropolishing specialist, we have a host of unique tools and services to aid you in your evaluation.

SEM Services
In addition to normal light microscopy and digital photographic capabilities, we also have an in-house SEM to provide excellent surface analysis. We have used SEM images extensively in our educational workshops and case histories, and can tailor our imaging tools to meet your needs.

Sample Processing
We have the world’s most complete databank of process parameters, fixturing designs and other data gathered from processing literally hundreds of thousands of different metal parts in nearly every metal alloy. This treasure trove of process methods means we can quickly and efficiently work on your important project, and bring to bear decades of experience.

Educational Workshop Hosting Services
We have a team of experienced professionals that can conduct educational workshops on our process either at your facilities or in our offices. With appropriate notice, we can hold a process line, SEM and other tools available so your team can evaluate samples or metal coupons at our facility. While we do not offer production floor visitation, we can easily accommodate your needs for fast and accurate evaluation.

Proprietary Issues
We respect and protect customers that have proprietary processes, materials and methods. We operate under literally hundreds of Non Disclosure Agreements (NDA) for nearly every industry, and that is a key reason why we do not offer plant visitation. Your products, processes and methods are safe with Able.

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