Queensland Dairyfarmers` Organisation (QDO)

Regional Strategic Plan Services


The major thrust of this plan is to highlight the future priorities for the dairy industry in the production and market regions of Queensland and NSW. The plan aims to provide the industry with leadership by conveying credible views of the future prospects for the dairy industry across these regions of the industry. The future shape of the industry in the medium term largely hinges upon the ability of its participants to act on current realities and the future outlook. The success of the plan will depend upon a willingness to work together towards its stated objectives.

The plan provides an outline of: 

  • The outlook for the value of milk at farmgate in the regions
  • The projected future demand and market potential for milk in fresh dairy products
  • The projected future supply of milk from dairy farms in the regions of  the two states
  • The factors affecting relative attractiveness of milk production regions and sub-regions

Why have a plan? 
The plan provides:

  • A common understanding of future challenges, risks and opportunities;
  • Industry participants and stakeholders with an understanding of the benefits of working together in a number of key areas;
  • A basis for prioritisation of industry resources (at regional and national 
    levels) which is compatible with future needs of the dairy value chain;
  • A basis to place existing and proposed industry programs into context as 
    to their contribution to future development needs;
  • A basis for effective influence of Government policy and investment 
    across a range of areas relevant to the dairy industry.

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