CJSC SelEnergo

Rendering Services


CJSC «SelEnergo» provides the services of construction and specialized equipment.

1. Makes puncture holes under roads,

2. Lets leasing with the crew:

  • autocranes of load capacity up to 50 tonne with boom reach up to 48 m,
  • mobile hydraulic-elevating work platforms ВС-222-01 on the basis of chassis ZIL-131, PMS-328 on the basis of chassis MAZ-533702
  • concrete-mixing trucks SMB-270 NB on the basis of МАZ 630305

3. Lets leasing with the crew:

  • Excavator ОЭ 2621-В3
  • Excavator-loader ДЭМ -1142.00-10 Belarus-82 tractor
  • All-purpose chain-bucket excavator ЭЦУ-150-22(140 mm) on the basis of МТЗ 82.1
  • Excavator ЕК 14-20.

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