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Renewable Resources Services


Our know-how offers sustainable resources from regenerative raw materials exclusively for your market development.'Developments in the area of biogenous materials combine our know-how concerning the function of regenerative biopolymerous materials and the production of materials for various industrial areas.

Our service range includes the following competence areas:

  •     Feasibility studies and market research
  •     Product development
  •     System concepts
  •     Testing new products (applicability, market development)
  •     Small batch production of up to 500 kg/h on our technical equipment

In the area of raw materials for material development, we concentrate for

one thing on the interaction of starch or protein rich materials such as grain, legumes, oil seed, dairy products with mineral or synthetic materials,

and also on the materials potential of residual materials (biopolymerous, mineral, synthetic materials) for which new applications can be found by processing and combination in various methods.

The materials developed this way are used in the following areas:

  •     Building materials (sound and heat insulation, binders, colours)
  •     Wood materials
  •     Technical ceramics, plastics, injection moulding
  •     Paper and cardboard

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