Research and Development Services


In order to maintain product efficacy and to identify and introduce improved formulations Flexabar-Aquatech continually conducts efficacy studies on its existing formulations and potential modifications and or reformulations. These studies are done at two different levels. At the first level or initial investigation, panels are exposed at a suitable site, most often a customer’s location. The panels are then inspected at predetermined intervals and rated for efficacy by visual examination noting the percent of the panel that remains free of fouling or by measuring panel weight increase. Panels are then assigned a value from one to ten with the lower number being the least effective and the higher number being the most effective.

The second level of testing involves exposing the panels at an independent testing facility or agency. The tests are constructed to follow the protocols of ASTM D6479-94 and or ASTM D3623-78A. Inspection intervals are typically monthly and panels are rated for AF film integrity, type, number and size of organisms present and the amount and type of algae and silt present. This level of testing is typically used in support of product registration and final verification before product changes.

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