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SalmoBreed is involved in many different research projects with the objective to improve aquaculture production. Research and Development (R&D) in breeding and genetics generally takes quite some time before results are known. This has naturally to do with the rather long time to produce subsequent generations of Atlantic salmon (3-4 years). After selecting a group of broodfish we have to gather the findings for the offspring to see the results of a breeding project. The changes therefore will take time, but when they come, they are often permanent. It is like taking a 'new step on the stairs', as we say.

SalmoBreed collaborates with several research institutes, especially AFGC and Nofima. There is a strong focus on the identification and exploitation of genetic markers, known QTL. SalmoBreed is working with IPN, PD lice and multiple quality attributes.

SalmoBreed use a substantial portion of their budget on R & D, and has partial funding from NFR, FHF and regional research funds.
It is important for SalmoBreed the results of the research work into practice as quickly as possible. It will benefit our customers, providing SalmoBreed competitive advantage in the market.

SalmoBreed has also done some own practical testing regarding routines  in land phase, this is done for controlling maturation and changes that lead to improved survival of eggs. The results of this work today is that SalmoBreed delivers eggs with top quality over a much larger part of the year than they did just a few years ago.

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