Research and Development Services


Academic research in calcic, foliar and other types of fertilization stimulates our curiosity and plants the seed of innovative ideas. Ongoing observation, new product development, product manufacturing, and top-of-the-line service –indispensable in today’s market– are the major strengths of Agro-100. Always finding new ways to improve the Dynamic Management of the Soil is why Agro-100 is a breed apart.

  • Fertigation in potatoes
  • Protuber Potatoes
  • Kalime on cabbage crop
  • Kalime and Heavy metals
  • Kalime in alfalfa
  • Kalime in corn
  • Research on phenological markers in potatoes
  • Research on calcium + phosphorus efficiency in non-modified environment with side dressing applications
  • Research to assess the benefits of applying agrofoliar fertilizers on cole crops
  • Research on agents facilitating the penetrating action and transportation of foliar fertilizers
  • The 500 Club (Consecutive seven-year data collection on potato crops in intensive till conditions)
  • Improvement of yields and crop quality in barley, alfalfa, broccoli and potato by the application of calco-potassic enrichment
  • Effects on broccoli yield by replacing some parts of nitrogen in the soil with foliar applications of NPK + minor elements
  • Effects on corn and potato yields by applying in the soil a crystallization inhibitor of nutritional elements
  • Effects of small dosage foliar intake of NPK + minor elements on yield and protein content of wheat
  • Effects of late-stage foliar application of N on soybean yields
  • Effects of late-stage foliar application of minor elements on soybean yields
  • Effects of a slightly-acid binding agent on the capacity of certain minor elements to improve the yield in dried beans
  • Effects of splitting N and K application in fertigation on the yield of potato harvested for processing
  • Effects of acidifying enrichment applications on the incidence of Streptomyces scabies on non-irrigated potato crops

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