Algaetech International Sdn Bhd

Research & Development and Consultation Services

R&D has been the foundation on which the company was built on, and will continue to play a very important role as the core element in all of ASB activities. Algae technology being relatively new, offers a very niche opportunity to identify key research area. The major objective of R&D is to identify key cost components of algae technology and conduct research to reduce the cost to ensure the development of a sustainable business activity.

Some of ASB’s main R&D activities are focused on:  

  • Increasing the Biomass production
  • Strain selection of Microalgae
  • Improve harvesting technology of Microalgae
  • Nutrient media standardisation for Microalgae
  • Designing algae cultivation systems
  • Development of high Value Products
  • Pharmaceutical and Nutraceutical applications

ALGAETECH’s services span across consultation service, project development and implementation from the early stages of site selection up to the point where the plant is fully operational. The company provides customizable green solutions to meet the needs of their customers. ALGAETECH implements a 9 Steps Program in three phases and approaches as stated below:

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