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Fionia Lighting A/S is a spin-out company from the University of Southern Denmark (SDU). The Institute of Sensors, Signals and Electronics has been working with the development of intelligent lighting for greenhouse horticulture since 2004. In collaboration with researchers at SDU, Professor John Erland Østergaard has, has developed and documented the energy savings of switching from traditional greenhouse luminaires to LED lighting systems. In collaboration with scientific staff, Associate Professor Søren Hassing and Assistant Professor Poul V. Lindstorff Johansen have been developing, testing and devising intelligent ways to combine the various research areas of optics, LED technology, recovery of surplus heat and power electronics.

The University of Southern Denmark continues to perform basic research in cooperation with Fionia Lighting, so that our products will always be cutting edge and at the forefront of LED lighting for horticulture. In addition to areas of technical development, work to identify the light requirements of different plants varieties is also being prioritized.

Specially-designed bioreactor systems are used to systematically identify the different light fingerprints that plants have. These fingerprints depend on plant physiology and the gardener’s wishes in terms of, for example, numbers of shoots, increased bud formation, as well as plant compactness and height. For many decades, the literature has included descriptions of light intensity experiments on different crops, which have demonstrated a 30-40% improvement on plant morphology by giving the plants exactly the light spectrum they need. Up until now, these measurements have been too inaccurate, but by combining fifteen years of knowledge regarding photo bioreactors with the possibilities the new high power LEDs provide, a method for accurately reading the plant's response to photons throughout the visible spectrum has been successfully developed. These measurements are at the core of Fionia Lighting’s products, and allow us to sell a tailor-made LED product to the customer, ensuring the maximum possible energy saving.

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