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Algae research is critical for advancing many sectors, such as biofuels, nutraceuticals, animal feed additives, bioprospecting, and bioremediation. Industrial Plankton’s research bioreactor, the PBR-500L, combines cutting edge technology with a meaningful production volume, allowing researchers to run sophisticated experiments, have their data graphed continuously in realtime, and sterilize the reactor between experiments with the push of a button – all in a fully automated closed system.

Several features have been added to the PBR-500L to improve its effectiveness as a research tool, such as closed loop pH controls, an integrated heater/chiller unit, and a 50% lux increase at full light. The reactors can even be accessed remotely, giving you full access to the controls from anywhere in the world, or facilitating effective collaboration between different researchers.

For fast growing species the reactor can produce 100′s of liters of dense algae each day, providing a more realistic approximation to industrial scale applications that is achieved in test tubes and beakers.

The bioreactor’s realtime graphing screen. This graph shows a culture growing, and being automatically harvested each time it exceeds the chosen cell density. The photoperiod is also displayed, and can be seen here on the second morning, as the light levels drop to zero for two hours.

A nannochloropsis culture at 85 million cells/ml, after being automatically scaled from 1L to 500L.

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