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All goods which are stored and transported have their own specific properties. We therefore analyse the flowability of each bulk solid and the resulting requirements for the material flow system. For our research we also use scientific knowledge and collaboration with technical universities (Brunswick, Vienna). If required, experiments are carried out on site or in our technical centre. Today we can thus fall back on a database with over 1000 bulk solids. We have also realised actual functioning solutions for many of these materials.

Bulk solids analysis
Grading curves, fc value, moisture, bridge width, graining, apparent density, fluidisibility, compaction behaviour, temperature sensitivity, not completed chemical processes through production processes... influence the flowability of your bulk solid. Through a bulk solid analysis you receive valuable information about your material – because difficulties to be expected and demands of bulk solid technology can be recognised in relation to the task definition.

Technical centre experiments
The results of a bulk solid analysis are often not sufficient with very difficult task definitions or bulk solids. In the search for the most reliable solution we therefore also offer you the option of experiments in our technical centre.

Experiments on-site
We are also happy to perform experiments in your plant. This makes sense for example if chemical (eg. production-related) processes in the bulk solid are only completed during storage.

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