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Salmon Lice Treatments Services


Treating salmon lice can be time-consuming and labour-intensive for the fish farmer. Many farmers experience lessened fish growth due to starvation before delousing and reduced appetite due to stress. In addition, there is fish death caused by delousing.

Many of the current delousing methods are not good for the fish and its welfare.

While many methods used to combat lice are largely reactive and used as a response to existing high lice levels, laser delousing is a preventive measure against lice that ensures drug-free control without handling the fish. A Stingray laser treats the fish all year, every day, around the clock, in order to constantly keep the number of lice down and prevent new outbreaks.

Optical salmon delousing allows the fish to swim undisturbed in its natural habitat while being deloused, at the same time as you avoid:

  • handling
  • stress
  • starvation before delousing
  • crowding
  • chemicals
  • injuries
  • fish death

Stingray is a gentle alternative that improves fish health through automatic treatment and delousing of the fish in its natural habitat – without any handling.

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