Sawblade Mant Services


The most important part in the sawmill industry is a good sharpened sawblade. Mostly every SERRA sawmill owner has its own Sharpener and that is because they know that it is better to sharpen his own blades as to depend on others. At SERRA we do not want you to depend on us and we don’t want to make money by sharpening your blades, Also you have to pay for the postal service and there is a possibility of being without blades because they are not back from the sawblade sharpening service center. SERRA-Sawyers know exactly what blade is suitable for what kind of wood. By sharpening yourselve your own blades, you know them better. As soon as they are not sharpen anymore you can change them and this saves you also money! / Our Sharpener WR 1has been proved to be the best mobile solution for each sawyer.

Among our customers we have a few that are hobby sawyers and because they dont have time to sharpen the blades they have our sharpening service

Our blades are equippep with a special material called stellite. Because of its characterisitics this material can not be ripped off. This sawblade are manufactured by special manufacturers that have specila equipoment in order to produce such a high quality blades.

As soon as your blades dont have any more stellite, we can stellite them. Price for each tooth is € 0,57 per tooth + € 20,--  for the tensioning and controlling of the blade

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