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Seed Distribution Services


We began our seed distribution service in 2006 to supply farmers with the most important input for prosperous agriculture—high quality seed.  We sell a range of field crop and vegetable seeds to suit diverse growing conditions and geographies. Our field crop assortment includes hybrid corn, sunflower, rice, millet and fodder sorghum, and open-pollinated mustard, fodder maize, rice, and wheat. Our vegetable assortment consists of hybrid tomato, hot pepper, capsicum, okra, melons, gourds, radish and cucumber and open-pollinated varieties of spinach, coriander, okra, radish, and beans.

We operate a two-tier distribution system, supplying seed directly to more than 250 distributors who each sell to 20 to 50 retailers.  These retailers ultimately sell the seed to farmers.  Our distribution network spreads across seven states— Punjab, Haryana, Rajasthan, Uttar Pradesh, Bihar, Maharashtra and Karnataka—and we plan to expand into Madhya Pradesh and Gujarat this year.  

Our business model is built on investing in personal relationships.  Our team of 11 sales representatives works closely with farmers to determine the right crop varieties and technical support to optimize each farm’s productivity.  Our representatives spread awareness about product performance and new seed varieties.  After conducting our own rigorous product trials, we bring the best-performing seed to our customers with public trials and demonstrations.  Farmers can witness firsthand the results of our seed varieties, ask questions, and learn how to work with new technologies.

We look forward to enhancing our customers’ experience by coordinating with other agriculture businesses in the Mahindra Group.  As we expand our seed supply business, we plan to integrate efforts with our tractor sales, Samriddhi extension centers, and other agribusinesses to provide our customers with all the resources they need to run productive and rewarding farms.

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