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Seed Treatment

Seed can be coated with crop protection chemicals in order to protext them from specific pests and diseases. By working closely with some of the world's leading seed processing companies Tozer Seeds are able to offer growers a comprehensive range of seed treatments enabling early control of seedling diseases and insect pests.

All seed of Tozer Seed's varieties can be treated to protect them against pests and diseases. We consider seed treatment to be a very important and environmentally friendly way of applying crop protection chemicals. In many cases it means that pesticides and fungicides do not need to be sprayed on the growing crop, or onto the soil before the seed is drilled. Some seeds may be carrying spores of disease on their seed coats; to remove these we use a washing process. The range of treatments changes regularly as new legislation is enacted and new treatments are approved a full and comprehensive list of available treatments is available on request. Some chemical treatments may not be allowed in every country due to differences in national legation.

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