REPAROSERVIS spol. s r.o.


The REPAROSERVIS company is on the Czech market from the year 1995 and thanks of hard working team workers has grown to company which offers to customers complex services in harvester technology, forest and wood-processing technique. The right meaning of the word “complexity” is that the customer gets complex sales service. We show to every customer the machine exactly in the forest and provide sufficiency of information. In case of harvester technology we can offer quality education by the professional trainers with multiyear practice in timber harvesting. Very often is by our customers well appreciated our after-sales service which is referred like the best in the Czech Republic.

Exchange Part
hanks to long term cooperation with one of the biggest Swedish producer of harvester technology ROTTNE we can offer fast service of high quality. In case of machine failure is standard time for addition of service team till 48 hours. Subsequent time for machine reparation depends on a type of the failure. In case of the failure of certain component (for example: hydraulic motor, pump etc.) will be by our service man mounted another component and the component with the failure will be send to the production plant where will be repaired and well tried.

The customer will pay only for the reparation of the original impaired component. For the exchanged components is 100% of warranty it means like for the new components. This system of exchange parts reduces standing time of the machine and discounts the reparation.

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