Bio Collectors Limited



Our waste food service collects from your door on the day agreed in your order, or can be order on a daily or weekly agreement.

You get a fast and cost efficient waste food collection service with some big benefits.

  • Shows an effective implementation of your companies environmental policy
  • Free advice on systems for segregation of organic and non organic waste.
  • Supply Bio degradable bags and accessories at the time of collection
  • Supply food waste bins for you to put the waste in prior to collection for account customers
  • Use our report of amount of waste you have diverted from landfill to show your green credentials.

What happens to your food waste

Once we have collected your food waste, it is taken to a special processing plant where it is treated in an enclosed vessel. As the food breaks down, the temperature is carefully controlled to ensure that the finished product is completely sterile. The end product will be used for horticultural purposes on farms as a highly valuable addition to fertiliser.

What will I be able to recycle?

  • Meat & Fish
  • All Dairy Products
  • Vegetables & Fruit
  • Bread Cakes & Pastries
  • Rice Pasta & Beans
  • Uneaten Food
  • Tea & Coffee

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