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American Hydroponics has been designing and building innovative hydroponic systems for over 30 years. Our systems are productive and remarkably easy to use. But we can make growing your hydroponic business even easier.

We have developed additional services, seminars, subscriptions and product packages to simplify your growing needs. Want to simplify the ordering of supplies like seeds and media, or packaging supplies like bags and boxes? Try one of our subscription services.

Want help solving a production issue or becoming food safe? We have consulting services for you. Need lighting, refrigeration or greenhouse solutions? We can help design and package a product solution for you.

Hydroponics is an agricultural solution that is being embraced across the U.S. and around the world.  These efficient systems grow plants like lettuce, herbs, tomatoes, cucumbers and cannabis in water-based, nutrient-rich solutions without the use of soil.  Hydroponic systems are a perfect solution.  When compared with soil-based farming, they are:

  • More Sustainable… Consuming 1/10th the water and 1/6th the fertilizer of soil-based farms
  • More Consistent… Producing predictable quantities and quality for better crop yields
  • More Efficient… Producing 10x the amount of crops per area of soil-based farms
  • More Clean… Growing crops without pesticides or manure (reducing pathogen risks)
  • More Local… Growing closer to markets – on small foot prints near, or in urban centers

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