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Service support for your EnviFarm Agriculture Biogas Plant


We want our customers to be fully satisfied with our plants, whether it be today or in 20 years. With the correct technology in the first instance and our continuing support we can help maintain a plant to achieve its full potential. Even with first class technology there can always be the unexpected but with a preventative maintenance plan and the availability of a service technician on the 24 hour hotline we strive to eliminate such events.

Regular maintenance and service of your agricultural biogas plant is crucial to high performance efficiency as well as ensuring that this can be achieved across the whole life of the plant. With long term tariff agreements it is vital to capitalise potential income by making the EnviFarm plant work at its full capacity. Technical service can be used as a tool toward this end by offering service contracts that satisfy your needs.

Our biologists are involved right from the offset, from commissioning to the final performance test of each agricultural biogas plant. The continued support with advice and testing by our biologists, whether it be the feed input materials or the balance of the digestate, means the plant can be honed to maximise the potential overall efficiency of the digestion process to improve biogas yield.

  • 24-hour technical hotline support
  • On-call service over the telephone
  • Technical and biological support
  • Highly qualified employees
  • Retrofitting and extensions of existing plants
  • Maintenance of CHP and plant components
  • Extensive stock of spare parts
  • Spare parts delivery outside the regular working hours
  • Fast response times
  • Local service network

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