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Billund Aquaculture can offer the following services: Project development “from Idea to Realisation”. Feasibility study: Billund Aquaculture offers to undertake a full feasibility study, including full budget, stocking plan, detailed production costs, specified energy and water consumption, labour, market evaluation etc.

  • Production planning
    Based on the customers input on the specific planned fish species and production, Billund Aquaculture can carry out full production planning in order for the customer to easily overview how purchase and sales program will look like.

  • Water quality requirements for water inlet and discharge
  • Biological and technical dimensioning
  • Engineering
  • Design and Civil work drawings based upon customers needs
    In the quotation phase we offers design layout drawings, in order for the customer to get a rough idea of area and building costs required for his project. After signing contract we make all necessary drawings for civil work (excavation, concrete, electrical installations etc.)

  • Project and building schedule
    Building a fish farm needs careful planning from customer’s idea until the new fish farm is in operation. Billund Aquaculture is known for its quality and ability to implement projects within the agreed time-schedule and price.
  • Main emphasis considered by Billund Aquaculture before start of project:
  • SAFETY -  is a keyword during the construction of the farm. For all “normal” or “expected” failures, safety or backup-systems will be installed.
    • AUTOMATIZATION – all major functions in the plant are monitored and controlled by a computerized system, ensuring maximum safety (from human error) and ease of operation, but all can be run manually.
    • EASY MAINTENANCE – all installations and equipments are easily accessible for repair and maintenance.
  • Supervision, Construction and Installation of pipes and equipment
    Billund Aquaculture has the skills and the experience to guide you through the entire turn-key project.
    We have our own staff on-site for mounting and implementing of pipes and equipment, not like most of our competitors which are hiring external companies. This ensures that the plant will be delivered as complete and fully operational.
  • Commissioning and signing of Acceptance Certificate
    When the implementing of the fish farm is complete and the plant is tested with water, an Acceptance Certificate will be signed after technical test of equipment and by approval of commissioning. Hereafter one year’s warranty on all materials and installations are given by Billund Aquaculture starting immediately after commissioning. All warranty work on materials and installations, if any, will be carried out under the responsibility of Billund Aquaculture.

  • Start-up procedures and supply of customized operational and management manuals
    Billund Aquaculture will deliver the following manuals:
    • Managing of a recirculated systemo Technical description and system functionality
    • Water filtration - theoretical
    • Water parameters - theoretical
    • Service and maintenance of the system

  • Maintenance service & support
    Billund Aquaculture offers maintenance service and support to our customers through our local authorized dealers or us. We can offer the following support to secure quality in all stages of the production process:
    • On-site regularly maintenance work and monitoring
    • Hot line on all issues & PC based maintenance programs
    • Special training of maintenance technicians

  • Training, education and management support of the staff at all levels
    The success of our customers is the most important criteria to measure the success of Billund Aquacul-ture, therefore Billund Aquaculture offer full training programs on existing fish farms in Denmark and other countries in addition to on-site the location. Training of staff and key personnel can often reduce the start-up time of a plant significantly and reduces risks of day-to-day errors that could result in temporarily reduced production. Whilst we do our utmost to make the designs as simple as possible, a basic understanding of the key elements and the close interaction between all the unit operations within the plant is highly recommended.
    • The training includes the following areas:
    • Farm management & Production planning
    • Maintenance
    • Water chemistry
    • Biology - fish biology - water treatment
    • System functions
    • PLC monitoring and control system
    • System functions (On-site Training)
    • If requested by the customer, Billund Aquaculture can draw upon expert assistance to be employed on-site for the first half to two years to assist in bringing the system to full operational capacity quickly and provide the planning and training of staff necessary for you to take over quickly.
    • Following maintenance and management support

    • 24 hours hot-line and ongoing know-how availability

    • After-sales Services
      As part of our delivery, Billund Aquaculture offers After-Sales services as a matter of course, addressing questions of a technical nature based on water quality reports. Depending on the level of involvement desired, Billund Aquaculture can also perform scheduled site-visits for routine check-up and fine tuning.

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