Sale and construction of silo plant can be divided in several stages. When we received the request, we have a commitment to visit you on site, and discuss the best opportunities for you. The wide range of equipment manufactured by our suppliers (silos, driers, cleaning machines, handling equipment, elevators, screw conveyors, temperature monitoring systems, laboratory equipment, fans and etc.) and our experience, allows us to give you an opportunity of flexibility and cost efficiency solution. Follow your specific requirements in the shortest period of time, we will prepare an engineering design with quotation for your desired silo plant.

“Ilineli” Ltd provides advices on various sources and methods of financing available in Bulgaria. A lot of commercial banks and non-bank financial institutions – work with the farmers. Public funds are already traditional source of funds for investment and modernization of the farms. “Ilineli” Ltd. work with leading consultants in this area, which is an invaluable contribution to our customers. We prepare all relevant administrative records, various budgets and business plans.

The technology and equipment that we sell are specific, and we help our customers with necessity construction documentation.

After delivery of the equipment, we provide an installation services.

One of the main advantages of  “Ilineli” Ltd is that we offer a full technology solutions. This allows our customers to have a full picture of the project cost, and help us to calculate the optimal capacity of the machines.

Another advantage is that “Ilineli” Ltd provides comprehensive product, which help clients to submit any queries to us in the after sales period . We assist them in dismissal of problems, and supply all of the spare parts.

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