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Our service areas make our experience available to you to solve important business challenges. We are experts in the application of ozone to safe sanitisation, pathogen control and food safety and production.  We have developed a range of service offerings that deploy our products and custom engineering to maximise the outputs and minimise the inputs of your processes.

Agritechnology and Hortculture
Energy and chemical inputs are significant cost factors in crop reduction. Excess use of chemicals and energy reduce the margin achieved. We are working with large scale growers to manage Fusarium, protect bulbs in storage and reduce the risk of crops rotting before they reach market.

Institutional Cleaning
Ozone is a safe, non-residual treatment for the eradication of moulds, virus, insect infestations and management of odours. It offers a cost effective treatment for the sanitisation of university halls of residence, care homes and ''sick buildings.'

Food Production
We are working with food producers to manage the quality of ingredients, controlling yeasts, moulds and insect infestation. We are also ensuring a sanitised production environment and developing novel technology for the management of mould in moist baking environments.

Air Handling
In commercial kitchens and fast food restaurants, owners can spend vast sums of money venting cooking smells. Energy costs are significant and can be reduced by running fans at lower rates, and eliminating odour and grease using ozone. Continuous degreasing of the fans also extends the life of the extraction equipment.

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