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BioPlanta´s services for landscape planning include: Determination of the current ecological state, including foreseeable changes in the future. Landscape assessment according to the goals and principles of nature conservation. Consideration of conflicts in usage as well as devising solution-oriented strategie.

Landscape conservation support plan
A landscape conservation support plan is the nature conservation contribution to the framework of the overall planning permission. Such an agreement is necessary for projects, which involve interventions in the countryside and landscape. The landscape conservation support plan includes:

  • Survey and evaluation of the status quo
  • Analysis of conflicts and proposal of impact reduction
  • Plans to reduce or to circumvent adverse impact
  • Planning measures to counteract adverse impact
  • Liaising with public officials

Landscape master plans
A landscape master plan is the basis for the environmentally sound development of a region. BioPlanta conducts the inventory and evaluation of soil, water, climate flora, fauna and landscape. Based on this inventory, an ecologically advantageous concept is developed.
All this planning is done in close cooperation with the legal authorities, Non Governmental Organizations (NGO´s) and the general public.

Plans for care and development
Plans for the care and development serve to ensure the maintenance and development of protected areas and nature reserves. The current and planned usage of the area, including an overview of the flora and fauna, is recorded and the targets and measures required for an improvement of the ecological situation are proposed. The formulation of the nature protection goals takes those people living and working in the affected area into consideration.

Assessment of impacts on Natura 2000 habitats
Endangered plant and animal species and their habitats are protected by the European Directive (92/43/EEC). Projects which may have an impact on habitats protected by the directive (Natura 2000 habitats) have to be compatible with the conservation goals of that area.
BioPlanta conducts ecological analyses of the consequences of plans and projects on Natura 2000 areas and proposes adequate measures for their protection.

Environmental impact assessment
The environmental impact assessment (EIA) procedure ensures that environmental consequences of projects are identified and assessed before authorization is given. In EIA, the impacts of a project towards natural environment and the countryside have to be evaluated and possible alternatives have to be furnished. Measures to avoid or reduce and if possible remedy adverse impact have to be put forward.
The planned measures are coordinated with the administrative authorities and are essential for the rapid approval of project with environmental impact.

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