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Forests play a key role in fighting climate change as they are an important carbon pool. Thus, modelling the carbon balance is essential yet complicated due to the dynamic and complex nature of forest ecosystems. At Simosol, we have broad experience in modelling carbon balance in forest ecosystems and in dynamic landscapes. Furthermore, we have developed tools to support the use of carbon models.

Carbon balance modelling in forest ecosystems

An accurate carbon balance model needs to consider what happens above and below the ground in a forest ecosystem. We have developed models that predict the carbon flows within the forest ecosystem, as well as the whole life cycle of the carbon contained in the harvested timber and the various end products. Currently these models allow our clients, such as large industrial forest owners, to analyse their forests' carbon balance over long time periods in different forest management scenarios.

Carbon balance analysis in dynamic landscapes

Forests are only one of the many carbon pools in an ecosystem. Simosol team, together with the Viikki Tropical Research Institute at the University of Helsinki and CIFOR, developed an easy to use application for analysing ecosystem carbon balance in changing landscapes. CarboScen has already been used in various countries in South-America, Africa and Asia for analysing the carbon balance in dynamic landscapes. Read more about CarboScen here.

Carbon flow visualisation

Sometimes it is necessary to embellish a message for it to draw attention. Together with the top-tier researchers of the Institute for Atmospheric and Earth System Research, we developed a carbon flow visualisation tool named Carbon Tree. It is an animation, based on the measurements at the SMEAR II station, which shows how a medium-sized pine in Southern Finland exchanges carbon dioxide in real time.

User interfaces for carbon models

To the surprise of many, most of the carbon in a forest is not contained in the trees or other vegetation, but underground. Therefore modelling the soil carbon balance is very important. We have been working together with the people at Finnish Meteorological Institute to develop the user interface for the soil carbon model Yasso. We also utilise the Yasso model ourselves on a daily basis in our carbon balance modelling.

Note: our comprehensive carbon modelling tools and expertise can be easily applied anywhere in the world.

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