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Slurry Tank Design, Installation, Repair and Maintenance Services


We provide a comprehensive range of slurry handling installations including tanks, pumps, pipework and conditioning systems to customers throughout Derbyshire, the Midlands and the rest of the UK. We now work closely with a supplier of such equipment, ranging from a simple rag filter, through settlement tanks, lamella plate clarifiers, aeration systems and different types of separator, to complete sewage treatment plant ready for discharge. Due to recent tragic circumstances, everybody is now more aware of the danger from entering a slurry store. Rockall Safety are able to hire gas monitors on a 'next day' basis, at reasonable rates. Predominantly supporting the agricultural sector, we also install tanks for waste and anaerobic digestion. We can carry out a full site survey, and supply drawings suitable for your planning applications, or even complete the application for you.

In addition to Storth Tanks we can also supply and install new tanks made by other manufacturers such as Permastore®. We also refurbish and repair existing older tanks including Boythorpe, Gascoigne, Alfa Laval, and Simplex, either in situ, or to re-erect on another site. We will purchase good quality second-hand tanks for reconditioning and resale or to be used as spare parts. Some tanks were originally installed with the intention of extending them at a later date. We can decide whether your tank is such, and supply new or good second-hand sheets to do so, either adding a ring to the top, or inserting a ring at the bottom.

Slurry conditioning is becoming increasingly important to preserve the fertiliser value and control odour. We recommend Ameram equipment to do this most effectively, and install Aeromixers in new and existing circular above ground stores, and slatted cellars. Biocrust is a new development in floating covers to control odour escaping from the slurry and lock in nitrogen to maintain fertiliser value.If your main concern is keeping rain water out of the slurry store to maximise available storage, a floating cover is probably the best solution. Please remember that all covers apart from a rigid ones which require a stronger tank for support, have a life expectancy much less than that of the tank itself.


Setting out the foundation ring for a slurry tank


The same tank erected, and ready to pour the concrete base.


Due to pressure on space, it is now becoming necessary to position the slurry store some distance away from the main cattle buildings. We install underground pressure pipes and pumping systems, such as this.


The pipe work is over 60metres long, rising nearly 10 metres. A through the wall stirrer was requested by the customer in this case. We are happy to supply and fit these in an existing store as well as new installations as above.

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