Woods End Laboratories, Inc.

Woods End Laboratories, Inc.

Soil Carbon Quality

Haney-Brinton Test for Active Carbon, Biomass and N + P Mineralization Potential. A new soil test procedure that provides an accurate measure of re-hydration CO2-burst, from which estimates of microbial biomass and potential C, N + P mineralization may be calculated. The test process measures two important parameters that have been shown to be highly correlated with C-turnover and N + P mineralization: 24-hr CO2-burst from dried, re-wetted soil (an indicator of microbial biomass), and water soluble-organic carbon (WSOC) and WSN; together, these parameters yield an accurate prediction of N + P release potential.

  • Accounting for soil microbial biomass
  • Estimate N + P mineralization potential
  • Reduce unnecessary N fertilization
  • Monitor manure & compost effects on soils
  • Evaluate quality of the soil OM pool.


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