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Composting of biodegradable waste has long been used as an effective means of managing garden, food and other organic waste, and returning nutrients to land. New Earth’s composting process provides optimum conditions for the waste to compost, and is therefore fast and effective. The innovative composting process incorporates active aeration, dynamic enclosed windrowing and irrigation. The combination of these key elements results in a process that produces a compost meeting the British Standards Institution PAS100:2005 specification. For more in depth information about our compost please see our nutri-7 leaflet.

New Earth’s in-vessel composting (IVC) facilities, utilising bespoke and innovative process systems, treat source segregated organic waste derived from both the domestic and commercial sectors. IVC is a process of controlled biological decomposition of biodegradable materials under managed conditions. Incoming waste is shredded and screened before being transferred to the bio-stabilisation halls for composting, a process that takes around 6 weeks.

Conditions within the composting windrows are controlled by various means to ensure there is sufficient air, moisture and high temperatures within each row such that, over time, this results in compost that will have beneficial effects to the structure and character of soils.

The final compost is screened to remove any oversized or reject material before being matured in halls. The result is a quality, PAS100:2005 specification compost, which New Earth calls nutri-7. New Earth produces nutri-7 from source segregated origins at two IVC facilities located in the South East and West of the UK. The compost leaves the facilities in bulk for use as a soil conditioner by local farmers on arable agricultural land.

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