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A new lawn sprinkler system setup is a complex process. Your landscape is an important part of your Long Island home and curbside appeal is known to increase your home value 20-30%. At Rain Rich we believe that careful planning is critical to the long-term commitment to the delivery of water and maintaining a healthy and vibrant landscape. And the best installations start out with proper irrigation design suited to your landscape.

A Rain Rich project manager meets with the owner and landscape designer at the start of the project to see the location of:

  • Trees, Shrubs, Beds, and Gardens
  • Driveways, Patios, and Walkways
  • Pools, Spas, and Fire Pits
  • Underground utilities such as gas, electric, telephone, and cable
  • Septic and Sewer systems
  • Outdoor lighting
  • Any planned future additions or changes

Steps to Installing the Right Sprinkler System
One of the very first steps is to determine the water availability. In the event that water available is not sufficient to suit the needs of the system, we will discuss the possibility of installing a new well or purchasing additional water from your water company.

Next is sprinkler system design.  We will carefully mark out all the locations of the sprinkler heads to be installed. A typical lawn sprinkler system requires over 50 different components which we assemble on site.

Finally, we are ready for your sprinkler system installation. We use the latest equipment including: trenchers of all sizes, pipe pulling equipment, backhoes, and pneumatic missiles. After installation all areas disturbed by our work are carefully backfilled, tamped, and raked.

We conclude our process with some important fine tuning. We check to make sure your system has the correct water pressure to function properly. Adjustments are also made to ensure proper rotation, spray, and distance for head-to-head coverage.

Lastly, we program the controller for correct application of water. Not too much or to little. Typically we recommend watering between 2 AM and 4 AM with the cycle completing by 6 AM. Early morning watering is the best time for three important reasons: 1) greatest water pressure, 2) little wind, and 3) little or no evaporation. As always, we look to save you water and money by using the latest equipment including: Toro Rain Sensors, Hunter Solar Sync, and Rain Bird Soil Moisture Sensors.

The Rain Rich Advantage
Rain Rich is among the top sprinkler system contractors on Long Island.  Our team has installed more than 7,000 lawn sprinkler systems over the past three decades. We have worked on many different types of properties including: golf courses, parks, athletic fields, estates, commercial properties, and residential properties. Each one varies in size and scope and requires a customized system. We have many happy customers who have enjoyed our professional attention to detail and concern for the landscape. Feel free to ask us for references. Chances are we have worked in your town and have satisfied homeowner’s right in your neighborhood.

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