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Software & Services in One Package. SST Summit Professional is an advanced, but easy-to-use, desktop software program used by FarmRite customers for accessing FarmRite services and creating and exporting fertility recommendations, as well as field record keeping, mapping, and crop planning. Data is easily shared with the three accompanying installations of Stratus as well as other Summits.

Accessing FarmRite Services
Summit Professional is used to access your FarmRite account to place and receive orders, edit variable rate recommendations, and export those recommendation files to the controller of your choice.

Upload Data & Place Orders
Summit uses a service called SyncNow to transfer data between Summit Professional and your FarmRite account. One button click synchronizes, and backs up all data to FarmRite. You can easily place orders on information products such as variable rate recommendations with a few button-clicks.

Track Orders with the FarmRite Dashboard
This feature presents, on one screen, the current status of data processing, mapping, and recommendation exporting for all orders.

Receive Information Products
When FarmRite's automated processes are completed, the resulting information products are synchronized with your Summit Professional. Each order is processed and delivered back to you in an average of 5 minutes or less.
Perform Functions In-Batch
Many functions in Summit can be performed in-batch. Importing soil test points and results, placing orders with FarmRite, exporting recommendations, creating map books, and transferring data can all be performed on multiple fields at one time.
Edit & Export Product Recs
With a few button clicks, you can convert a nutrient recommendation into a fertility recommendation and export it to the controller of your choice.

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