Strain Selection and Genetic Engineering Service


Kent BioEnergy Corporation's molecular biology and genetic engineering department has focused on the molecular and cellular biology of aquatic species since 1998. We have filed patents to protect the company's intellectual property on several new concepts related to enhanced production of algal-biomass and of specific algae-derived products. These include pioneering techniques in which algal strains can be genetically-engineered to produce important proteins, enzymes, and a wide array of high-value co-products, as well as key concepts allowing for the cultivation of modified algae that possess traits making them superior for bioenergy production.

A highly competitive and unique advantage of Kent BioEnergy is that our 20+ years of hands-on experience in culturing algae allows us to identify and focus upon genetic targets that can improve all aspects of the algae production, harvesting, and processing cycle. In contrast, our competitors who are only now entering the algae production space are usually focused on the two obvious targets for genetic enhancement – rapid growth and improved lipid yields. Kent BioEnergy has already developed and submitted patent applications for genetic technologies that enhance algal harvesting, maintenance of monocultures, enzyme production, lipid and carbohydrate production, lysis of the algal cell wall, and several other proprietary concepts. Our scientists have also paid careful attention to the economics of algae production in selecting targets for genetic enhancement.

We believe this clarity of focus has placed Kent BioEnergy significantly ahead of its competitors in the resolution of the critical issues that affect the ultimate commercial viability of algae-based bioenergy production. The company's R&D scientists are developing specialized, high performance microalgae through metabolic pathway modulation, development of enhanced lipid production, non-endogenous gene expression (transgenics), and enhancement of lipid extraction. They are focused on the development of techniques to utilize modified algae to produce industrial enzymes, bio-plastics, nutraceuticals, bio-therapeutics such as peptides, proteins, antibodies, and other co-products. Significant licensing income is anticipated from these development programs, which in effect utilize cultivated algae as “Solar-Powered Chemical Factories”.

There is no substitute for years of hands-on culture experience when it comes to deciding what biological aspects of algae biofuels production are the most important for genetic enhancement.

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