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Without precise knowledge of the nutrient requirements of each and every crop, it’s impossible to produce effective fertilizers for tailored crop nutrition programs. And without this, it would be impossible to meet growers’ demands for yield and quality.

Yara’s research center helps provide baseline information and data to support the company’s fertilizer management programs. Our combined research efforts provide the information needed to achieve sustainable crop production through fertilizer use.

The knowledge we acquire from the field is quickly disseminated throughout the organization and to our commercial partners. For example, as soon as new trial results or field intelligence is received, it is uploaded onto our online database and made available worldwide to our teams.

Our staff uses this database as a daily reference manual and to download product or trial information to share with customers. At its heart is a comprehensive series of nutrition management programs for key crops. These are compiled by our crop specialists and ensure the best use of our fertilizers to provide the right balance of nutrients for optimal crop production.

Yara’s local agronomists work with local re-sellers and scientists test our fertilizers in their own locality. This ensures that fertilizer rates and applications are tailored to suit local conditions and crop production methods. The agronomists freely share their knowledge, undertaking demonstration trials and holding regular meetings and seminars with growers as well as providing local literature detailing the most suitable crop nutrition management programs for their locality.

Yara also uses this knowledge with key partners – particularly food processing companies and marketers – to ensure growers are best placed to meet consumer needs for quality food.

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