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Yara has developed a range of fertilizer management tools to enable our retailers and growers to apply the right amount of nutrients at the right time to maximize crop performance.

Megalab analysis

Analysis is widely used in agriculture as a means of identifying the nutritional requirements of a crop. This is done by carrying out soil and plant tissue nutrient analysis.

Leaf and fruit analysis is carried out during the season to take a snapshot of nutrition within the crop and to show us what the crop has managed to absorb from the soil. The analysis provides the basis for supplementation with foliar fertilizers.


N-Tester is a hand-held device that measures the nitrogen status of a crop from the chlorophyll content of its leaves. From this, the agronomist can evaluate the additional nitrogen needed to meet target yields, and adjust fertilizer use accordingly.

The N-Tester is widely accepted as a useful decision-support tool for cereals and potatoes. In cereals, for example, it is being used to apply the right rate of nitrogen fertilizers at the right time to maximize quality and yield. It is also increasingly used with other high value, nitrogen-demanding crops in a range of countries throughout northern Europe, southern Africa and North America.


N-Sensor is a tractor-mounted tool that allows growers to measure a crop’s nitrogen requirement as the tractor passes across the field and to vary the fertilizer application rate accordingly.

The N-Sensor ensures that the right and optimal rate of fertilizer is applied at each individual part of the field. It has become the benchmark technology for precision agriculture.

Practical experience shows that the N-Sensor can increase yields by up to 10 percent over standard farm practices, boosting profits and minimizing environmental losses.

The Yara N-Sensor has won many international awards for innovation and for environmental protection.


Tankmix.com is an online Yara service providing advice on the physical mixing characteristics of Yara’s foliar products with agrochemicals. The YaraVita foliar products are rarely sprayed alone, and therefore our unique tank mix service provides users with valuable information. 

ZIM probe system

The ZIM probe system gives direct information about the water status of plants. It is a plant-based sensor allowing direct communication with the plant during the entire vegetation period. It takes a non-invasive measurement of the turgor pressure, i.e. of the relevant parameter of growth and plant productivity. 

The ZIM probe gathers irrigation threshold settings via turgor pressure measurements, allowing irrigation on demand. The data obtained by the ZIM probe is transferred wirelessly and stored in a database (together with the corresponding microclimate and soil parameters). This allows for monitoring and data evaluation in combination with recommendations for irrigation.

The benefits of the ZIM technology combined with Yara’s Crop Nutrition programs are a yield increase of 5-15%, water use reduction of 20-30%, and crop quality improvement.

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