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AGERpoint provides a  streamlined answer to the problem of Big Data. After capture by 3D laser scan and data classification and analysis, the average grove can provide as many as 250,000 records of raw data. The sheer size of these datasets need to be handled by the kind of advanced technology that can optimize it and pre-calculate it so that query results are delivered as quickly as possible to our clients.

AGERpoint has developed its own system utilizing a SQL compliant database designed to handle the largest datasets. In this way, our clients have a direct and user-friendly way to access what they need to know when they need to know it.

None of this was achieved easily— in fact, AGERpoint had to leverage the wide skillset of all its partners to develop the necessary solutions in the synthesis part of the AGERpoint solution. This process of data synthesis developed by AGERpoint involves taking large amounts of three dimensional data and distilling it into a format that is both manageable and useable. The raw data collected as part of the AGERpoint process is often very large, ranging from 100 terabytes up to more than a petabyte. We reduce the data to a two dimensional format and refine it down to only the data that is critical for our clients and that can help them make the most well-informed decisions about their holdings.

The data is then imported into an SQL compliant database that has been designed to easily integrate into our clients’ workflow. Utilizing our technological skills and knowledge, AGERpoint is able to synthesize this knowledge down to a few gigabytes or less during the synthesis process, making it a manageable amount of data for our clients to access and utilize wherever, whenever. AGERpoint’s approach strikes a perfect balance, giving customers rich data that is expansive and comprehensive while still being precise and efficient.

Detail and Efficiency with AGERpoint.

Your holdings function on the macro and micro level. You need a data solution that informs, but that will never bog you down. Data that is unwieldy and forces a learning curve will only complicate things. That’s why AGERpoint has developed its synthesis process to deliver essential data that can be parsed and accessed easily by any end user. We don’t weigh you down with anything you don’t need to know, and we’ve made sure to cull the most critical elements that no grower can do without.

AGERpoint’s data synthesis delivers “big picture” and detailed information, while still presenting you with a solution that is manageable and accessible. With AGERpoint, you get just the right mix of essential data and usability, creating  a tool that you can leverage in your daily workflow without having to adjust your processes..

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