Technical Service


It’s good when faults are quickly removed or repaired. It’s even better when they don’t even crop up. The Technical Service Department of the GOLDBECK Facility Management takes care of this. With the help of regular inspections, maintenance work and repairs and with a fault-clearing service that can be reached at all times it is effectively a protective shield against very expensive down times. Typical for the GOLDBECK Group: The various individual departments are well interconnected and therefore work very efficiently together. The dense network of branch offices makes for short distances and ensures quick response times. The respective control centre also ensures that all processes and procedures are documented and the reliable as well as prudent scheduling and competent planning completes our service.

  • Electrical engineering (as well as photovoltaic)
  • Supply engineering/hygiene
  • Mechanics
  • Building thermography and technical systems
  • Close cooperation with organizations of independent technical experts

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