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Nowadays there is a growing need for tools and systems to aid decision-taking when determining the quality and capability of soils in order to enhance sustainable land management. Evenor-Tech provides technological solutions for suitable soil use and protection that employ the most up-to-date technology.  Our multidisciplinary team of specialist technicians covers the full cycle required to evaluate soil quality and capability, from initial sampling to integrated land management.

You can access our technology online (MicroLEIS Technology and Databank) or through our technical teams in the various lines of action:


  • Soil sampling and analysis.
  • Determining soil types.
  • Alphanumeric databases: soils, land cover, flora, fauna, climate, land management, etc.
  • Environmental information planning, management and systemisation by developing environmental information support infrastructure.
  • Report writing on environmental variables and processes.
  • Environmental reports and indicators.
  • Digital cartography data.
  • Digital terrain models.
  • Development of map servers.

Sustainable production systems

  • Design of soil sampling methods based on existing space variability.
  • Creation of maps with homogenous environmental units.
  • Estimation of bioclimatic restrictions for crop development in a particular location.
  • Evaluation of the land's general usage capability with regard to a wide range of possible agricultural uses.
  • Identification and quantification of areas with permanent restrictions for agrarian output with regard to environmental variables such as effective soil depth, texture, drainage, carbonate content, salinity and profile development.
  • Advisory service on implementing variable input programmes and other agricultural practices
  • Yield data processing.
  • Estimation of biomass and other indicators in crop harvests.

Eco-system studies

  • Space analysis and evaluation of the territory in both current and global change scenarios.
  • Ecosystem studies of soil use.
  • Impact of changes in soil use.
  • Land evaluation from the point of view of its forest capability.
  • Environment, territory and natural resource studies and projects.

Soil quality

  • Characterisation of soil contamination.
  • GIS based modelling of soil contamination.
  • Assessment of water erosion risk.
  • Evaluation of contamination risk.
  • Soil mechanical property testing: compaction, plasticity and optimum moisture.
  • Quantification of erosion-based soil loss, impact on crop productivity and accommodation of management practices.

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