Engineered Compost Systems (ECS)

Technical Support Of Operations


ECS offers a year's worth of technical assistance via phone and dial-up modem along with each system and/or major component purchased. ECS engineers can dial-up the client's CompTroller (PC software that features an easy to use graphical user interface and real-time database and provide technical support on short notice) during regular business hours.

ECS also offers our client facilities an Annual Audit and Equipment Inspection. ECS engineers travel to the client's site to upgrade software, check and recalibrate all sensors and inspect all compost system equipment (down to the bearings). Besides equipment the Annual Audit reviews composting processes, procedures, and feedstock recipes. And, it is an excellent time for facility operators to pick the brains of ECS compost experts and review initial training. ECS generates a detailed report of the findings from the Annual Audit as part of the service.

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