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Technology transfer in aquaculture

Marine aquaculture requires new technological challenges and production systems compatible with the environment With over 15 years experience we perform technology transfer to industry and craft. In each case we apply different technological concepts but with a similar approach to sustainability of the environment. Among the possibilities for technology transfer we offer:

Industrial sector

- Design and installation of shellfish and finfish hatcheries.

- Comprehensive marine farms in Africa and America.

Handcraft sector

- Projects of small-scale production.

- Project design, production planning and monitoring during cultivation.

- Farming of marine ornamental fish.

As we are fully conscious of the need to make the community in general aware of the promotion of science and technology, we offer guided tours on an experimental farm fish culture and research laboratory for the production of microalgae. Meet aquaculture: For those who want to know the world of sport fishing and aquaculture we offer a guided tour where you can learn about the most representative species, equipment and techniques used and learn about the importance of preserving aquatic ecosystems. Special visits: For those familiar basics of aquaculture and want more in-depth information.  Biodesma offers the opportunity to learn about the latest advances in aquaculture and species with greater future potential in the sector. It also will give the opportunity to try simple routine technical procedures from a breeding farm.

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