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Tissue Testing Programs



United Soils, Inc. has expanded its services to include tissue / plant analysis. Reference the list below to see available packages: PT1: Mineral Package. Phosphorus, Potassium, Magnesium, Calcium, Sulfur, Iron, Manganese, Boron, Copper, Zinc. PT2: Nitrogen (total) + Mineral Package (PT1): Individual Analysis. PT3: Total Nitrogen. PT4: Individual Analysis: Per Element (from Mineral Package). PT5: Stalk Nitrate – Nitrogen.

To assure quality assurance, USI participates in the Agricultural Laboratory Proficiency & North America Proficiency Testing programs.

The Agricultural Laboratory Proficiency (ALP) program provides lab proficiency services to ISTA-member soil testing labs. The program is based on three proficiency cycles per year, collecting & reporting data for the majority of the industry’s testing and analytical methods.

United Soils once again finished at the top of the testing class, with values that tracked near or precisely to the ideal median line.

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