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Total Concept Services


    We supply complete turn-key processing lines fully tailored to your specific needs. The power of our company lies in the fact that (as one of the few companies) we do not only use our own machines, but we also involve other suppliers, while we remain the point of contact. Our knowledge of quality and durability enables us to provide you with a processing line fully geared to your requirements which, above all, has the lowest possible failure and maintenance rate. In other words, we combine our knowledge of machines and processing lines with other suppliers' expertise on specific machines and your knowledge of the product. Also we maintain short lines of communication, so you can always get in touch with the right contact. Thanks to this personal approach the commitment of everyone involved, including the mechanics in the workshop, is guaranteed.

    The chief guiding principles for our concept are:

    • Quality
    • Durability
    • Systems with a low failure and maintenance rate
    • Proven technology
    • Labour cost savings

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