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Forestal Los Andes processes high quality wood chips of Eucalyptus nitens and exports them from Chile to customers in Japan, China and the U.S., an area where the market had been dominated by exports of Eucalyptus globulus. Forestal Los Andes works with landowners for the sourcing of high density trees that are 12 to 14 years old, and processes them into wood chips that have unmatched vessel compaction rates. Forestal Los Andes was the first importer of Eucalyptus chips into the U.S., with the shipment of four vessels from Brazil to two paper companies. Forestal Los Andes owns 10,000 ha of Eucalyptus forest in Chile.

Forestal Los Andes, based in Chile, is the Trading and Logistics arm of Fulghum Fibres. This growing business is responsible for providing services required to export wood chips for customers of our Chilean operations. Forestal Los Andes is involved in the following areas of the logistics chain:

  • Purchasing stumpage
  • Harvesting and transporting of logs
  • Chipping services
  • Wood chip storage
  • Vessel loading
  • FOB sales (where required)

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