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Training and Support


HESY gives to all customers training in practice; this includes support during start-up, intake of fish, grading, after-sales service, technical service, and biological service.

The quality of the fish farming business depends largely on the way company personnel, who are responsible for management and evaluation of production variables, fulfil their operational requirements. Sound trade related and professional capacities, as well as good communicative skills are two of the mayor factors for success. With our practical educational trainings, under which the training for Production assistant, we provide for trade related professional training, in which we train the personnel to recognize and properly judge production variables on basis of existing and proven production principles and procedures.

The training is aimed to provide the production manager with all required multiplication and farming techniques and covers:

  • Feeding techniques and the many feeding periods throughput the breeding period from day one till moment of harvest
  • Feed requirements and feed manufacturers with their pros and cons
  • Growth rate related variables and how to manipulate and increase growth rate
  • Water quality and fish age related temperatures. When to check and how to read water quality and temperature measurements
  • Illnesses, their characteristics and how to treat them and which medicines are in use nowadays.
  • Fish selection procedures in relation to their age, size and sales qualities
  • Marketing related selection demands
  • Unit operation, maintenance, etc.
  • Emergency situations & measures and crises management

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