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Training and Support Services


HESY gives to all customers training in practice; this includes support during start-up, intake of fish, grading, after-sales service, technical service, and biological service. HESY suggests every 'new' farmer to join a course in fish farming. Mostly this courses are offered by the local chambers of agriculture or similar organizations. After learning the very basics of fish farming, HESY arranges that experience about the faming process will be build up by different actions, such as extended visits to an existing fish farm. Normally one employee of HESY will help during the difficult start-up phase of the facility. These people are experienced in fish farming over the years and will help to organize the daily work in the farm. 'A good start is half of the success', therefore from planning the project, over construction of building and farming facilities, up to arranging contacts for selling the produced fish, HESY never leaves its clients alone!.

  • One year warranty on workmanship, excluded from warranty are normal wear and tear items. Warranty on equipment according to the manufacturers specifications.
  • Equipment and personnel shall be insured by HESY during hand over of the system.
  • After the warranty period we are willing to make a deal with you to do all required services or repairs.

  • Three days practical training in a HESY farm.
  • We will supply a specific on your system focused English manual, how to run and maintain this system. Included in this manual are instructions for routine sanitation and maintenance.
  • During the start-up a HESY technician will be over for a few days to assist and instruct your responsible farmers.
  • When the system is technical ready the system must be cleaned and filled with water.
  • A HESY technician will explain the system to your responsible technicians; start all motors and test the system. This will be all according a complete check-list and delivery statement.
  • Biological start up of the system will take ± twenty days after completion of the technical installation, cleaning of the system, in-take of water and chemicals for the start-up.
  • We will give with the manual also all required data to start the filter system; this is all according the expected daily feeding at the beginning. You will inform us daily with the biological data and we will tell you how to act. We will help you to get familiar with your system.
  • For biological or technical assistance you can contact HESY by phone, fax or e-mail.
  • In the first year a HESY technician will come over 2 times for two days to give technical assistance.

We are willing to make a detailed layout with drawings and system details. When it comes to an agreement this amount will be seen as part of the agreed price.The price of this lay-out depends on the size of the farm, the type of fish and the complexity of the farm.

  1. Elaborate proposal for the system, with our best and fixed price until 31 December 2009.
  2. Description of the system elements.
  3. Detailed material list for the system.
  4. Lay-out drawing of the farm and building with details for filter construction works. In this lay-out we will take in account a laboratory, an office, a storage room for feed, a production room, a filtration room, a general storage room for equipment, a location for eventual waste-water treatment with de-nitrification filter and sludge thickening.
  5. Cash-flow, fish costs (Euro/kg).
  6. Details of suppliers of good fish feed.
  7. Details of eventual suppliers of fingerlings.
  8. Digital pictures of farm and equipment.
  9. Basic Manual
  10. A Visit to the location to discuss the plan.
  11. One change to complete the plan.

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