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Varietal Purity Services

BioVision is Canada's primary supplier of varietal purity testing and continues to be known for our trusted analytical expertise. We test wheat and barley kernels using a number of methods developed by Canadian government agencies and have built sample size flexibility, so you can choose which test fits your company needs. BioVision's high throughput instruments and robotics facilitate prompt turn-around with the precision need for genetic testing. Our commitment to accuracy makes BioVision your trusted partner.

In-Depth Varietel Purity Information: 1-800-952-5407We utilize the following technology platforms for varietal purity testing:Barley Varietal Purity:

  • NEW! DNA (Microsatellite Markers) Bulk
  • NEW! DNA (Microsatellite Markers) Individual Kernels

Wheat Varietal Purity:

  • Acid-PAGE Electrophoresis
  • Iso-Electric Focusing
  • NEW! DNA (Microsatellite Markers) Individual Kernels

Research projects are available for other crops upon request.

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