LIMNOS Company for Applied Ecology Ltd.

Vegetative Buffer Zones


LIMNOS designs vegetative buffer zones with the aim to prevent and reduce non-point source pollution.

  • preparation of expert bases
  • development of concept solutions
  • preparation of project documentation
  • construction supervision and drawing-up of maintenance plans

Within a wide range of design possibilities for vegetative buffer strips, filters and hedges, conservation islands and connecting corridors, LIMNOS has developed effective methods for:

  • prevention of non-point source pollution of waters from agricultural and urban areas
  • protection of cultivated areas against erosion
  • protection against and prevention of negative impacts of wind, noise and smell
  • prevention or reduction of dust particles
  • conservation of natural ecosystems in cultural landscape

Our solutions are targeted to solving the exposed environmental problems while having diverse effects and uses:

  • protection of groundwater, watercourses and standing waters, and improvement of water quality (removal of pollutants)
  • conservation of biological diversity and endangered biotopes, thereby increasing the stability of ecosystems
  • soil conservation (prevention of erosion)
  • possibilities of economic utilisation (production of fodder, wood biomass, creation of thematic educational trails)
  • protection and safety (dust particles, noise, wind, smell)
  • improvement of aesthetic and visual landscape qualities
  • possibilities for recreation

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