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Vermicompost is the use of earthworms for composting organic residues. Earthworms can consume practically all kinds of organic matter. Earthworms have the capacity to eat as much matter as their own weight and produce the same amount of manure per day in the form of castings. It has become imperative to adopt earthworm farming for sustainable agricultural production and for the economic prosperity of the farmers.

  • Can convert 1000 tonnes of moist organic matter into 400 tons of high value compost
  • Castings or excreta of earthworms are rich in nutrients and bacterial and actinomacetes population

  • Reduction of noxious qualities of a wide variety of organic waste, elimination of smell, reduction of harmful microorganisms
  • Production of marketable organic fertilizer
  • Production of aqua life, birds and animal food or even human food by drying earthworms
  • Additional benefit to the  farmers
  • Increases soil fertility and bacterial activity in the soil
  • Increases micro grains in the soil and enhances water absorption capacity
  • Helps the plant root get air easily
  • Increases plant resistance to pests, fungus and other deceases

  • Liquid fertilizer collected over passage of water through a column of worms in action useful as foliar spray
  • Collection of excretory products and mucus secretion of earthworms along with micro nutrients from solid organic molecules

  • Installed thousands of domestic vermicompost units so far
  • Started initially with the financial support from CAPART, a Government of India organisation and continuing with VER revenues

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