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With a firm belief that education builds value, we have built our business with a focus on providing educative services for our industry.  For years, WeCare has worked with Landscape Architects & Engineers providing information, consultative services, and technical advice.  Learn more about the services we offer here.

Continuing Education Presentations

We understand the importance of continuing education for Landscape Architects, Engineers, and other Professionals.  This is why we have invested time in preparing many educational presentations to offer which are approved for CE credits through the Landscape Architecture Continuing Education System™ (LACES).  You can learn more about LACES HERE.  Some of our educational presentations include:

  • How to Specify Compost & Engineered Soils (for Landscape Architects and Engineers)
  • Green Roof Soils & Project Highlights (for Landscape Architects and Engineers)
  • Engineered Soils 101:  Soil Types & their Uses (for Landscape Architects and Engineers)

We also offer 'Lunch & Learn' options for all of the above mentioned presentations.  Gather your group for lunch and we will present while everyone enjoys their food.  This is a great option for offices with limited time!

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