Power Plant Services

Welding Services


Power Plant Services has a wide variety of welding services available. See what we have to provide to your company.

  • Turbine casing crack repair and design modification 
  • Valve seats and rib refurbishment 
  • Steam chest
  • Nozzle repair
  • Snout pipe restoration
  • Piping repair or installation
  • Flanges 
  • Boiler tube 
  • Total field-welding capabilities 
  • Automatic, manual, semi-manual
  • Brazing 
  • Repair design, joint design, and procedure development 
  • Power, pharmaceutical, pulp and paper, steel 
  • Diaphragms: sealing face restoration, vane restoration, horizontal joint restoration 
  • Rotor blade repairs (Tenons and Cover stock): journals and disc rim restoration, erosion shield replacement

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