Wireless Data Transfer Services

We live in a wireless world which has simplified every aspect of our lives. The AGNAV Connect does just for the Ag industry. It is a wireless computer network that is used to transfer area files and spray data files between a Guia system and an office computer wirelessly.


This is an add-on feature to the Guia system for your convenience to transfer data files when needed. From now on you won’t have to worry about carrying a USB key for area and data files or running back and forth between the office to submit data. You can make sure that the Guia has all the files the pilot needs for application without having the actual system in front of you. You can also make sure that office personnel have all files for data processing

The AG-NAV Connect consists of three parts for the Office, the Guia system, and software. These parts are provided for optimal performance of the wireless network. The antennas provided can be set up to cover 100m or 300ft radius. This can be increased depending on the power of the antenna you are using.

The AG-NAV connect will revolutionize the way you set up your operations. You will no longer have to waste time performing redundant operations when you can just do it once and wirelessly transfer all of your necessary files. If you have a fleet of aircrafts or vehicles, you can easily connect them to the network and do all of the work in half the time!

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