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Suffering from itchy, red skin? If you been exposed to something at work that may have caused this you may have Occupational Dermatitis. If this is the case we can help you claim compensation on a No Win No Fee basis Today!

A severe cause of Occupational Dermatitis can earn you up to £22K

What are the symptoms of Dermatitis?

Symptoms include redness, itching, scaling, rashes, hives or blistering of the skin. The rash may or may not have distinct margins. The specific look of the rash will depend on the amount of time it has been present.

Causes of Occupational Dermatitis

The following substances have been known to cause or aggravate dermatitis depending upon levels of exposure:

Cleaning products, organic solvents, metalworking fluids, cement, adhesives, acids, food produce (especially citrus fruits), coins, rubber, latex, lubricants, soaps, shampoos, alcohol based sanitisers, other chemicals, and even certain plants.

There are different forms of Dermatitis that are brought on by different factors. Irritant Contact Dermatitis forms when your skin is put in contact of substances that dry cause your skin to dry. Allergic Contact Dermatitis is brought on by an allergic reaction to a substance and can manifest its self within a matter of hours.

Industries where employees have been known to suffer from Occupational Dermatitis:

Agriculture, Food Industry, Construction, Engineering, Rubber Industry, Printing Industry, Horticulture, Cleaning, Motor Vehicle Repair, Chemical, Building, Hairdressing.

Your employer should be protecting you from these hazardous substances. This can be done in many ways;

  • Replace dangerous substances with milder harmless alternatives.
  • Eliminate exposure with automated and mechanised procedures instead of manual handling.
  • Protective clothing that are right for the task.
  • Training in how to protect your skin and look after it after exposure, including correct washing, with pre & post creams.
  • Regular skin assessments should be carried out as catching any reaction can prevent Dermatitis forming.

It is compulsory by law for your your employer to carry out these steps as they need to abide by the Control of Substances Hazardous to Health Regulations 2002.

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